Privacy Policy

ORMANAGE address a lot of importance to your data privacy. We take considerable measures to safeguard your private data. The information we collect is an intention to boost your business in an online platform instead we do not make use it for personal or sell it to any third party. We abide by the following privacy policies.

  1. We collect your personal information only if it is required for the business purpose.
  2. The information collected is used solely for serving the client requirements and to accomplish the objectives.
  3. The information provided by the client will be retained only till the attainment of the prerequisite.
  4. The appropriate period of retention of your data will be determined based on the sensitive, nature, requirement, and amount to serve the purpose for which we are going to process.
  5. The personal information provided by the client should be genuine to serve the requirements.
  6. A client should send the updated information regarding your business as per our requirements. The incomplete or outdated information held by us might not support to complete your requirements.
  7. Withdrawal of consent at any point is not entertained.
  8. We use the effective security system to safeguard the client information from being leaked by unauthorized users.

We provide high quality service by delivering assignments on time. The information shared by the client is morally our responsibility we take all the necessary measures from not being leaked by adversaries.